Our Vision

Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s vision is of an enterprise that will both grow and prosper as a world-class multi-service provider under our values, practices, and devotion to our customers, employees and the communities we serve. Accordingly, Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s success will produce a tremendous impact on the local economies in which we are involved as well as provide a platform for national social and economic stability and security. 


Asir Hi-Tech International Group is committed to properly satisfy our customers’ requirements with superior quality products and services that are environmentally friendly. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s products and services are provided with 100% quality assurance. Asir Hi-Tech International Group wants each customer to see, feel, and experience our dedication so that they remain our loyal customers by their own free will and desire. Asir Hi-Tech International Group maintains a consistent corporate philosophy in line with our Founders’ values of Quality, Reliability, Performance, Loyalty, and Social Commitment. Asir Hi-Tech International Group strives to increase its solidarity with society and to integrate its business toward social prosperity in the context of a healthy environment.


  • Maintain an organization committed to its customers and employees.
  • Promote safe international trade.
  • Work efficiently throughout our networks to assure our continued growth.
  • Facilitate human interaction and social advancement.
  • Avoid waste throughout our operations.
  • Use appropriate conservation measures to protect our environment.
  • Utilize appropriate safety measures to safeguard our employees and fellow citizens.
  • Continue integrating the group’s activities horizontally.
  • Build a recognized brand.
  • Meet the increasing energy and resource pressures from population growth.

Our People


Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s growth potential is based upon our Management’s imagination and capabilities, supported by an innovative and technologically sound business structure. Asir Hi-Tech International Group believes that an entrepreneurial team is a critical requirement in today’s rapidly changing markets. Our executives are talented individuals with the ability, energy, and experience required by our customers. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s core Management consists of experienced executives who are the current leaders and executives in global industries. Management consists of veteran financial, construction, technical, merchant banking, engineering, consulting, and production professionals. Their vision, commitment, and tenacity constitute the center of force for Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s business goals.


Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s Staff demonstrates a significantly higher than an average commitment to ethics and business conduct, community involvement, and professional development. The majority of the individuals working under Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s umbrella holds a high-level government clearance. Asir Hi-Tech International Group invests heavily in training of our Staff so that they maintain the highest certifications and qualifications within their respective fields. Our multi-disciplinary business demands this level of expertise which must evolve and grow to respond to the broad spectrum of current and future requirements of our clients. Accordingly, Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s Staff strives to always be knowledgeable about all our clients’ needs and in turn, to be responsive to their every requirement. 

Business Model

Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s Business Model ensures an extraordinary degree of efficiency due to our management policies and adequate cost controls. Quality personnel and materials produce superior products and services for our clients. Operating costs are optimized, not short cut. Asir Hi-Tech International Group adds proper overhead controls to assure a dynamic and profitable organization.
On an operational level, Asir Hi-Tech International Group stresses open communication among all aspects of our organization and with our clients, which promotes camaraderie, optimal utilization of our assets, and prompt delivery of products and services. This Business Model allows Asir Hi-Tech International Group to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by providing quality products and reliable services in a responsive, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Fiscal Responsibility

Asir Hi-Tech International Group seeks to provide a reasonable return on investment for our shareholders and partners through efficient operations and proper financial safeguards. Asir Hi-Tech International Group strives to pay dividends every year. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s business preferences are in areas in which we have experience and a proven track record. New ventures are considered as long as the proper safeguards are established to assure the most significant opportunity for success. Risk analysis is always an essential element in Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s business projects. Our hybrid approach weighs not only a thorough, independent risk evaluation but also the input from all parties involved and the economic potential of the project.