Drum Containers

Asir Hi-Tech International Group drum container systems are available in many types for various applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fine chemicals and food segment. As an example, in the pharmaceutical production easy-to-clean, round, square or cylindrical pharmaceutical containers for larger batches with a seamless internal finish, ensure safe and hygienic handling.

Cleaning Method

To begin, drums are unloaded, opened and audited. Then they are placed on a progressive washer which will take care of washing rinsing and drying them. After a second inspection, the validated drums get capped and their labels removed. After that, we will blast them to erase the coatings and any distinctive marks. A third inspection will take place to detect any exterior imperfections.

The drums who passed the test will get their chimes re-rounded, followed by a leak test. This step is orchestrated by our state-of-the-art ultra-sonic leak tester which will detect holes as tiny as 25000 of a centimetre. Finally, the drums are moved into our automated paint booth, applying the exact amount of paint needed to give the best coatings performance and look for each one of them. After the drying process, they will be filled and conditioned for delivery

Drums who do not successfully pass the three inspections or do not meet our standings will be washed then crushed to be recycled into raw steel.

Disposal Service


It regroups drums which are in good shapes with no severed dents or holes, free of rust, with an easily washable content. Drums that have contained oils, foods or light solvents are examples of such cases.


Close to the first category, but their content is hard to wash, such as resins, glues, paints, etc.


Drums that have holes, severely damaged, or if the top or bottom chime has been compromised.

Transportation Services

We are in the position and have the capability to provide you with a service to the extent you need. We are capable of answering any of your requirements. In the case that you need custom-made transportation solution, ASIR hi-tech INTERNATIONAL group has the trailers, the people and also the commitment to make it happen.

ASIR hi-tech INTERNATIONAL group is devoted to the accountable management of industrial containers throughout their entire lifecycle. we are privileged to assist our customers protect the environment and conserve resources through reconditioning and recycling programs designed to satisfy almost any need. reuse is always the best choice, however once that is no longer possible, we’ll assist you safely and responsibly dispose of your used containers.