Asir Hi-Tech International Group is a professional service which offers independent experiences In many realms such as science, engineering and related specialities to industries, governments, construction and developers corporations

Within Asir Hi-Tech International Group, projects are typically Brang to life by a group composed of diversified disciplines and professions besides technologists, engineers. Also, the team leader is generally a professional engineer.

A Wide Array

In Asir Hi-Tech International Group, there are opportunities for engineers and other professionals with a large variety of technical and personal skills. In Asir Hi-Tech International Group, you may notice individuals with:

  • Every kind of expert specialities
  • From different ages and skill levels
  • Business, financial and administrative experience
  • Construction knowledge and experience
  • Managerial expertise
  • Business development skills
  • Project managers


Asir hi-tech International group has a strong team of fully-fledged consultants to assist in every step such as the set up, execution and supervision of engineering projects in the fields of automation, mechanical and applied science, instrumentation, piping, electrics and electromechanics.


Our consultants from the design department will assist you in the preparatory phase of your engineering projects. They provide help with drawing up design notes, project plans and budget plans. They are accustomed to work in close collaboration with expert teams from different departments and one or more project managers.

Project Management

Asir Hi-Tech International Group has top-of-class project managers with profound technical abilities to follow up on the standard, progress, budgets and safety of the works on the construction site. Our construction site inspectors, team leaders, site coordinators, project engineers and project managers assure the timely delivery of your constructions and installations in line with plan and budget.

Support Services

Asir Hi-Tech International Group offers technical-administrative consultancy to support your project teams in the study office or on the construction site. Our support consultants assist project engineers and managers with their administration so they can focus on their project management tasks.


  • Site Preparation:
    • Geotechnical Surveys
    • Environment Surveys
    • Roadways
    • Underground Services
  • Building and instrumentation Support Structures:
    • Industrial Buildings c/w Overhead Crane Runways
    • Process equipment Support Structures
    • Rack Structures
    • Structures for Tanks, Bins and Hoppers
  • Heavy piled and Mass Pour equipment Foundations
  • Structural Modeling as well as Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Foundation Frequency Analysis for large Rotating Machines
  • Material improvement
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Field Review of Construction
  • Reinforced Concrete Design:
    • One-way and Two-way Slabs and Beams
    • Piers, Columns, piled or spread Building Foundations
  • Quantity measure