HSEQ : Health Safety Environment Quality

HSEQ : Health Safety Environment Quality

Asir Hi-Tech International Group must, more than ever, meet a growing number of requirements for health, safety at work, environment and quality.

Adapted standards and optimized processes

We can only convince our customers, our partners and our employees of the quality of our services if we provide them with tangible proof of our performance.


The objectives and guidelines of our company are anchored in an integrated management system: this tool allows us to achieve a continuous improvement of all the processes in the company and thus create a stable base to guarantee the long-term success of Asir Hi-Tech International Group. The guidelines for safety at work, health, the environment and quality are defined by the requirements of our customers and employees.

Basic principles for responsible acts

We are not only aware of our responsibility, but we also act on it:

  • We undertake to comply with the legal requirements and other requirements that apply.
  • We are attentive to safety and health.
  • We are committed to environmental protection.
  • We act according to the fundamental principles of continuous improvement.
  • We integrate these principles throughout the value chain.


The health, motivation, and skills of our employees are the key factors for the future growth of our company. Thus we promote – beyond the legal requirements – the continuous improvement of the operational management of the health in the areas of activities Protection at work and health, Direction, Qualification and Individual promotion of the health.

Health, the work environment, the pace of work, leadership, individual skills and employee motivation interact. It does not only have a positive effect on the productivity of the company but also contributes a lot to the well-being and satisfaction of our employees.


At Asir Hi-Tech International Group, the well-being and health of employees and third parties characterise a crucial theme. Zero accidents – this is the goal of our measures to improve safety at work. Strict adherence to safety instructions by all employees and the empowerment of everyone are an integral part of our safety culture.


Accidents can only be avoided if all our employees are always aware of the interests of workplace safety. For this reason, Asir Hi-Tech International Group conducts regular training and hands-on workshops. Our requirements exceed the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety legislation, and we minimise the risk of accidents.


Active protection of the environment means for us, actions with full responsibility in all operational processes. During our activities, we take care to avoid as much as possible the adverse effects on the environment. In addition to compliance with legal requirements, we strive to improve our environmental management continually and actively protect the environment. In this context, our environmental management system is integrated into all processes.


Our quality management is based on the setting up of process managers: they guarantee at all times a planning, an implementation, documentation and control directed towards the efficiency but also towards the customers for all the phases of work and activities. International and interdisciplinary exchanges lead to the implementation of good practices. We teach this knowledge to our employees during regular training and development courses.