Real Estate

A real estate is the property, land, buildings, and the natural resources surrounding it. The term “real estate” means real (or physical) property. It falls into three categories:


It includes single-family and multi-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, triple-deckers, high-value homes and vacation homes.


It can be shopping centres and strip malls, medical and educational buildings, hotels and offices. These properties are used to generate income.


Those are used in a wide array of domains from the distribution back to the storage, manufacture and research of the products

It is such a pleasure to bring you a thorough and specially designed service to present you with whichever style of property you may ask us to find, be it your next home or your next investment opportunity.

Following our initial discussions, we would shortly start looking for potential future properties and give you a list of these choices. We will organise the viewings, talk terms on your behalf, introduce you to the various professional services you may require, as well as financial and legal advice, and do everything in our power to secure your promised property.

Hi-Tech International group is a property management company providing a bespoke service serving a sophisticated or specialised clientele. Our thirty years of operating, not only means we have the expertise, But it also means that we have built and maintain trusted relationships with the different actors needed to ease each domestic and international property transactions. These relationships help to position our practice between one of the best, providing us not only with properties obtainable through the classics ways but also providing permanent offers of properties that are off-market and exclusively on sale through us. These are opportunities that you would not be aware of unless you came to us.

We are also fully independent. This autonomy is most significant for you as a buyer because it means that we are not bond or affiliated with any particular agent. It means all of the properties put in front of you could be from multiple sources. However, they will all be the most suitable properties in accordance with your requirements.

How do we proceed?

The First Step

It begins with a meeting, not mandatory, but this is a chance to talk and establish your property criteria; thus, we can ensure we find you properties which will meet your expectations. We urge you to ask us concerning anything you may have in mind, be it about the inside style or the colour of the bricks. Naturally, we are going to have questions to ask you too in order to help us define your requirements.

Following Search

This is our time to provide you with the fundamental service you want from us – the search for your property. We have an in-depth list of available properties which is forever changing and that we will refine into an initial list for you to consider.

The Viewing

We will preview the property for you, in the initial instance, to make sure it is everything it says it is. If appropriate, we will present the property to you, accompanying you to the viewing and, importantly, answering any more questions you may have concerning the building. If you are planning to perform any future works on the property, we will also be able to advise you on the most effective way in which to do so.

A Spot-on List

Once you have been acquainted of all the pinpoint properties, we will have a seat and discuss your options. The subsequent viewings can also be organized as it is vital to us that the most suitable property for you is chosen. Through the whole process, we will help and advise you on which choice will be the best for you.


When you have chosen the property that suits you, we will work to get the most suitable terms for you. Our team has decades of expertise to reach sellers with the negotiations. We even have several lawyers and financiers at hand to make sure That the process is completed flawlessly. And of course, You will be noticed and consulted throughout each step

The Acquisition

Our lawyers mentioned from before and financiers will again be available if needed, but the post-negotiation stages are usually quite straight forward.