Asir Hi-Tech International Group offers comprehensive HSEQ services, systems, and capabilities in support of most business sectors. The HSEQ business provides support to internal and external companies with appropriate capability skills and technology. Asir Hi-Tech International Group HSEQ experience is invested in seasoned Managers from the Health and Safety, Environment and Quality industry and offers a wide range of services in the HSEQ sectors including Health and Safety, Safety Management, Training, Environmental, Energy, Quality Plans, Quality Planning, QA, Consulting, and Outsourcing. Our experience in providing support and the capability of undertaking independent work and developing specific tasks to meet company requirements and business needs, as well as experts in:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • HSEQ Consultancy


Asir Hi-Tech International Group is dedicated to delivering independent and comprehensive engineering services and consulting for projects in the energy, nuclear, environment, defence, aerospace, and transportation sectors. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s full-service approach services all project phases, from research and development, through concept and assessment, to engineering design, and ultimately across the in-service management and support spectrum. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s professionals bring their experience and capabilities in project and process management, engineering, business development, risk analysis, and program performance improvements. Training is a constant element for our professionals to assure that they stay on the cutting edge of technology. Asir Hi-Tech International Group further enhances its business with experienced consultants, joint ventures, and technology acquisitions and licensing.

Real Estate

Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s real estate business is a global operation, with investments in a variety of sectors and worldwide locations. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s strategy has remained consistent in that we acquire and manage premier properties promptly, in the best markets, and at the best prices. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s track record has been exceptional, benefiting from our strategic approach, our vast combination of capital markets and real estate expertise supported by our commitment to our strategic partners.

Air Conditioning

Asir Hi-Tech International Group owns exclusive rights and licenses of the technologies, distributorships of selected equipment, and manufacturing and re-conditioning assets of air conditioning systems and instrumentation. Accordingly, Asir Hi-Tech International Group designs, installs, and maintains these systems. Asir Hi-Tech International Group provides solutions for climate control for both commercial and residential applications. For over thirty years, Asir Hi-Tech International Group has provided comfortable living and working conditions for offices, multi-family and single-family residences, healthcare facilities, hotels, retail stores, and industrial properties. 


Asir Hi-Tech International Group provides creative capital solutions, both debt and equity, for private and institutional investors in major global markets. Areas of interest include aerospace, construction, real estate, healthcare, commodities trade, petrochemical industry, nuclear and renewable energy, water resources, well drilling, forestry, and mine development. Asir Hi-Tech International Group looks for investment opportunities where factors such as size, complexity, or current illiquidity may impede other investors. Although Asir Hi-Tech International Group is opportunistic in our approach, we are organized in a manner that is risk-averse. Our financial plan always includes a combination of economic potential and standard risk analysis. This formula yields low risk with an above-average return on capital potential.


Asir Hi-Tech International Group specialises in the design, construction, maintenance, and management of hospitals and healthcare facilities for our people. Asir Hi-Tech International Group is more than just bricks and mortar; we are caring people concerned about the well-being of our fellow man. 
Even though today, many of our future patients are not thinking about their health care, Asir Hi-Tech International Group is thinking and actively preparing. We have placed state-of-the-art products, services, and technologies in the hands of our well-trained medical staff. So, when our future patients have to think about their health care, or need health care, Asir Hi-Tech International Group is ready to respond in a preventative manner, as well as an urgent way.


Asir Hi-Tech International Group trades in the commodity markets of energy, gas, petroleum, and chemicals. Asir Hi-Tech International Group expects the near future to be more profitable due to volatility, increased demand, and our unique position as a commodity supplier. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s international team of experts is skilled in a disciplined, research-based approach of identifying and structuring profitable trade opportunities while also managing potential risk.