Hi-Tech International Group combines its expertise in commodity risk management, economic research and structured funding to enable its clients to comprehensively manage exposure to commodity price volatility.
Commodity research, as part of Asir hi-tech International Group’ global Markets research department, offers expert analysis of the economic, cyclical and financial aspects of energy, precious and base metal markets within a global context.
Hi-Tech International Group additionally boasts comprehensive coverage of energy, metals and soft commodities financing for all players in the commodities value chain: producers, transformers, importers, traders, distributors and service providers. We define the energy consumed in two major families:

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy which produces approximately 21% of the worldwide generation of electricity and represents 12.5% of the total energy consumption. There are five principal renewable energy sources :

  • Solar energy derived from the sun.
  • Geothermal energy obtained from the heat within the earth.
  • Wind, kinetic energy harnessed by air in motion.
  • Biomass energy produced from the combustion of living matter or recently dead organisms.
  • Hydropower energy gathered by exploiting the water flow’s strength.
Non-Renewable Energy

The non-renewable energy, which is almost 90% of the total energy consumed comes from 5 central origins :

  • Petroleum Products. It englobes crude oils and their refined products such as jet fuel, gasoline, heating oil, asphalt or even diesel.
  • Combinations of hydrogen and carbon, they are distinct molecules (such as alkenes, alkynes and aromatic hydrocarbons) derived from natural gas and crude oil.
  • Natural gas. An energy which is mostly methane.
  • Coal – Rocks which can be burned to be used as fuel.
  • Nuclear energy – Obtained from the fission process of uranium atoms which produce a chain reaction emanating a lot of energy.