Build The Future Together

Asir Hi-Tech International Group is a Saudi Arabian company providing facilities, products, and services in such markets as petrochemical, engineering, trade, health care, water treatment and desalination, renewable power sources, HSEQ, finance, construction, and real estate. Markets include health and safety, safety management, training, environmental, energy, quality plans, quality planning, QA, consultancy, and outsourcing. Besides doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Asir Hi-Tech International Group is also involved in Africa, Middle East, Southern Asia, the Far East, Europe, and North America. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s Founders provide the vision and guidance that give cause for Asir Hi-Tech International Group to grow and mature into a dynamic, professional, and profitable organization. In so doing Asir Hi-Tech International Group has been able to provide jobs and prosperity to our employees over the past decades while protecting our environment and resources. Dr. Yasin Indarkiri was the lead Founder and a key influence in the development of our governmental policies of labour, education, and social equality. Dr. Indarkiri has developed global relationships in financial and governmental arenas.

The Group

Asir Hi-Tech International Group was founded to capitalize on the opportunities created by the privatization of government-regulated services. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s growth was crafted as that of an elegant mosaic by our Founders. The core pieces consist of the Kingdom’s people and resources, complemented by state-of-the-art western technology, regional partners, and relationships with the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions. Asir Hi-Tech International Group is committed to properly satisfy our customers’ requirements with superior quality products and services that are environmentally friendly. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s products and services are provided with one hundred percentages (100%) quality assurance. Asir Hi-Tech International Group wants each customer to see, feel, and experience our dedication so that they remain our loyal customers by their own free will and desire.

Business Units

Water Treatment

Water is a scarce commodity in today’s world. Recognizing this dilemma, Asir Hi-Tech International Group embarked on an aggressive program of water purification and delivery, desalination, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities. These undertakings began better than thirty-five years ago to support our population and agricultural requirements. Moving into the future, Asir Hi-Tech International Group recognizes that water desalination requires energy, another resource becoming scarce. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s efforts are to employ technologies that use renewable energies to distil the saltwater. Two such possibilities are the use of solar or wind energy to power the desalination process. Success does not only help our people but allows us to help people globally.


For nearly (4) four decades, construction has been part of Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s business. We have been involved in large scale, complex structure, and infrastructure projects both in and outside of Saudi Arabia. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s experience includes the development of office, multi-family and single-family residences, healthcare facilities, hotels, retail space, and industrial properties. Asir Hi-Tech International Group leverages strategic partnerships, technology, and our internal knowledge to control and deliver our projects effectively. Ensuring that each project is expertly managed is of paramount importance to us. Indeed, with the help of the best professionals in the business, Asir Hi-Tech International Group applies leading-edge systems for all phases of a project.

Renewable Powers

Asir Hi-Tech International Group is positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for renewable power. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s business activities focus on the development, financing, and construction of grid-connected power from solar, geothermal, tide, and wind. Asir Hi-Tech International Group applies renewable energy technologies to meet the needs of various industrial, commercial, and governmental applications. Asir Hi-Tech International Group has an on-going program of improvements and expansion in the process to provide renewable power products such as photovoltaic cells and wave turbines.

Drum Containers

Asir Hi-Tech International Group designs and manufactures steel drums for the petroleum industry and other industries. Designs are for the transport of a wide variety of products, such as petroleum products, chemicals, inks, detergents, lubricants, and hazardous materials. All of Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s drums are constructed of first-quality cold-rolled steel. Asir Hi-Tech International Group designs and manufactures our drums to the exact specifications of our customers, based upon the materials to be transported.


Asir Hi-Tech International Group has developed significant assets in oil refineries and derivative petrochemical plants by providing the design, construction, and maintenance of these assets. An on-going program of improvements and expansion is in process. Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s refining facilities have a reliable source of crude oil and essential transportation systems, ensuring, production efficiency for a wide range of products for years to come. This knowledge and product resources assurances, therefore, allows for planning by Asir Hi-Tech International Group’s customers, with the confidence in the fact that we can deliver their specific products now and into the future. We recognize that oil and gas exploration and production have the potential to cause severe environmental degradation, not only to the physical environment but also to the health, culture, economic and social structure of our communities. Asir Hi-Tech International Group always implements the internationally recognized “best practices” in protecting our people and the environment. These five best practices are environmental and social impact assessment; environmental management systems; environmental performance evaluation; environmental monitoring and auditing; and environmental reporting.