Our firm has the power to give you a variety of services to fulfil your project’s needs, to take you from collaboration conferences all the way to ribbon-cutting and beyond. We believe that each project is exclusive and can specify our approach to suit Each of your projects. Thanks to our vast and developed knowledge in design-build, we can suggest you with diverse strategies and are confident we can find the method which will best assist you in meeting your goals.


During the Preconstruction part, the objective of the Asir hi-tech International group project team is to actively manage the budget development process, offer the Owner and its consultants with timely input on cost and technique alternatives, and monitor the availability of materials and compatibility of costs. This method involves continuous monitoring and interaction.

Asir hi-tech International group conjointly takes an active role in watching, revising and updating the schedule for the preparation of contract documents by the design team. For the accomplishment of those tasks, a system of status reporting customized to reflect the mutual needs of up to date information, is used to provide project cost and schedule accountability.



We believe that partnering and genuine motivation behind it will enlighten a project. Developing trust with a team where every member looks for methods to assist each other, promotes the most effective and reasonable cooperation to benefit for every member.

One of our fully-fledged team will join their projects during the design process before the construction starts. This organisation has been proven effective with the schedules, coordination, allowing a deep understanding of the project before the first stone is moved. Subcontractor submittals, shop drawings, RFI’s, coordination queries Are often considered in reverse planning scenarios, being sequenced first and scheduled with slender techniques.

The subcontractors always have to think in advance, what goods, in what quantity, when, answer as many questions needed to satisfy the sequence, schedule, production, standing and learn those commitments with the subcontractor ownership, assuredly before the construction starts.

We have weekly project foreman’s conferences and speciality subcontractor coordination conferences (if needed). The commitment of resources to the project can be confirmed in those meetings by the subcontractors PM’s. When we have at least a six-week advance plan, coordinated on each area, item, period and tied back to the master project schedule, we deliver the realistic schedules. Asir hi-tech International group strongly encourages a team with a trusted relationship and authentic commitments.  We believe that this is how we will get the expected results. Moreover, our PM’s and superintendents are incredibly skilled in the art of obtaining the best of each team member and genuinely consider their success. That synergy is achieved by careful planning, interaction, expertise and respect.

Cost management

Our project managers are accountable for the budget. They handle it and work with the owners employees to supervise and adjust costs every month, but it can be done on a shorter frequency. Our in-house accounting department provides all cost reporting for our Project Managers and owner at all monthly reviews, make payments to subcontractors, also as formalise request of payment to a potential University.

Quality of the Project

It has always been in all members of our teams to have a standing of quality. Each one of them is committed and take full responsibility into achieving the highest possible quality from the first drawings to the last touch. This is why our construction quality control is divided into six steps.

Project Safety

Each project has certified safety officers for every aspect of the construction, dedicated to its good continuation. Asir Hi-tech International Group Safety employees conduct many tasks such as training and safety management, activity hazard analysis reviews, job site orientations, safety verifications. The safety officer inspection Team check each employee on the location. It is in their power to stop any work at any time, report and remove any person from the project as they would judge unfit under the safety regulation.


With in-depth knowledge and experience in every domain of sustainable planning, design, construction, and operations, Asir hi-tech International group, is a recognized sustainability contractor and leader in resource efficiency. Asir hi-tech International group has over thirty years of expertise designing, building.

Our philosophy is focused on an innovative hands-on approach, in which our employees are encouraged to participate actively, foster ownership amongst everyone. Natural cooperation is undoubtedly a key to our success, which is amplified by frequent information and concepts exchanges. Our persistent attitude leads to the streamlined assortment of data, coordination of groups and individuals, and ultimately, comprehensive projects that have exceeded owner goals and expectations.

Internal Design Management Department

Asir hi-tech International group is somewhat distinctive with the organization and function of an internal design Management Department. This department is comprised of architectural and engineering professionals and is tasked with the management and coordination of the design process. The responsibilities of the department’s professional employees are to provide leadership and oversight to ensure on-time deliveries of all design submittals and ensure That every code and quality standards are met. Design quality control, discipline cross-checks, and value engineering are also an integral part of their project role.